What Happens When You Mix Alcohol With CBD – Complete Answer

November 20, 2020

What happens when you mix alcohol with CBD is a question many lovers of the two ask when considering combining them for the first time. To discuss it, we must first understand CBD and its effects.

CBD is the short form of the hemp extract cannabinoid; it is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant. The extract does not contain any psychoactive substance like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), making CBD and alcohol a relatively safe mix.

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The most common form of the cannabinoid is the oil, which manufacturers mix with carrier oils like coconut, palm, olive, or hemp seed oil. The cannabinoid also comes in different forms like:

  • Sprays
  • Capsules
  • Tinctures
  • Cream and lotion
  • Gummies
  • Food products

People turn to CBD because testimony from reviewers show that it works for pain relief, reduction of anxiety, sleep inducement, weight loss, and promotes the general well being of the user. The form of consuming these products is either topical, sublingual, vaping, or ingesting with food and drinks.

The latter prompted companies to create alcoholic beverages like CBD and beer and CBD and wine. The combination was well-received by those with a love of the two, but it also led many to question the safety of mixing alcohol and CBD. We will address this concern in the next few subheadings.

Mixing CBD And Alcohol: Is It Safe Or Unsafe?

CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) of the body and can support major-mood regulating processes in the brain. It boosts the brain’s production of natural cannabinoid anandamide that reduces anxiety and promotes feelings of positivity.

Like the cannabinoid, alcohol consumption causes a feel-good effect that works on the nerves and produces feelings of calmness and relaxation. When taken moderately, it:

  • Loosens inhibitions
  • Ease social anxiety
  • Help people relax after a long day

While the above are positives, the intoxicating liquid can also cause significant damage to the body and brain when abused and consumed excessively. The body does not have alcohol receptors; thus, when it metabolizes it, it produces toxins, including acetaldehyde and a form of ethanol.

The toxins destroy brain cells, damage the liver, and cause conditions like cirrhosis and liver steatosis, or fatty liver syndrome. Active reviewers believe that cannabinoids help to reduce these adverse effects, and mixing CBD and alcohol do more good than harm for the following reasons:

  • They Amplify Each Other’s Effects

We have established that CBD and alcohol share similar effects when ingested, and a combination of the two serves as an amplifier. It causes symptoms like increased sleepiness and sedation, mood change, and behavior.

The combination also causes impairment in one’s motor performance and alters the perception of time. Note that these negative effects depend on how much a person ingested at the time and the level of the person’s CBD with alcohol tolerance.

  • Cannabinoids Protects The Body Against Harmful Alcohol Effects

Active reviewers believe that CBD and alcohol interaction takes advantage of the former’s function as a neuroprotectant and anti-inflammatory to combat the adverse effects of the latter. These qualities serve to protect the body and brain from alcohol toxins.

The cannabinoid protects the brain’s complex and delicate neural networks, so much so that it has the potential of helping it heal from severe trauma and stroke. Thus, the extract helps to reduce the damage alcohol does to the neural pathways.

As a potent anti-inflammatory, those who consume CBD oil and alcohol can be confident that the former will protect their cells from oxidation and other harmful processes and livers from getting damaged.

  • Cannabinoids Can Lower Blood Alcohol Concentration

Mixing alcohol and CBD oils is an effective way to lower the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of an individual. The BAC is the measure of the level of the ethanol substance in one’s blood, and anything from .08% affects cognitive function and motor control.

Active reviewers testify that those who take CBD oil with alcohol have a lower BAC than those who ingest the intoxicating liquid alone. The cannabinoid achieves this by boosting the body’s ability to metabolize the ethanol substance.

  • CBD Is Therapeutic For Alcohol Addiction

Some reviewers believe that one of the many positives of cannabinoids is helping alcohol addicts fight their addiction. This is because the presence of the hemp extract helps to reduce several addiction symptoms and withdrawals.

It achieves this by slowing down an individual’s intake of the ethanol substance, reduces the person’s desire to consume the intoxicating liquid, and prevents a relapse.

cbd marijuana leafShould CBD Be Mixed With Alcohol?

The essence of everything we’ve discussed so far boils down to the question: can you mix CBD oil with alcohol? We’ll begin our answer by saying that cannabinoid-infused products and beverages are the rages in the market today.

As mentioned earlier, it is relatively safe to mix the two, as no side-effects have been recorded by people who combine the two. However, like most things in life, it is better to err on the side of caution; thus, consume cannabinoids alongside ethanol-infused substances after consulting a physician and finding out if it is safe for you.

Also, if you’re considering taking CBD oil and drinking alcohol at different times, do it within four to eight hours of each other. Start with low consumption, and take note of your limits as you build up a tolerance. Consume the two responsibly, and use high-quality cannabinoids from trusted manufacturers.


Cannabinoids and ethanol substances may go together and have some positives, but abusing both will have an adverse effect. Therefore, the prudent thing to do is ensure that you take both in the right quantity, and if possible, do it in a supervised environment. If unsure of what the combination of both products would do to you, consult your physician, and follow his or her directives.

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