Short Brand Review: Learn What Select CBD Is

March 31, 2020

Select CBD Company was initially a small one, initiating its CBD production with vape liquids. Creating vape products was successful enough to make them in multiple tastes and doses. However, the company was rebranded last year, renaming to Social CBD, and joining Sentia Wellness Corporation. Such rebranding was for the best, as the company broadened the specter of its products, as well as improved the quality. Currently, Select products include CBD oil drops, topicals, gummies, spray, balm, patches, and capsules.

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Being a part of an outstanding corporation that produces top-notch CBD items, Select CBD oil review shows that the company creates high-quality THC-free products. To provide transparency for its users, the company has Select lab results of every batch posted on their website. Moreover, Select ingredients of every item are also published to make sure you check it before using, to avoid an allergic reaction.

According to the federal requirements, Select reviews show that their cannabidiol products are free from THC and other psychoactive elements. Using high-quality filtration for cannabis, CBD oil from Select only contains beneficial cannabinoids that aren’t considered to be drugs. To learn more about the benefits of cannabidiol, check out medical reports. To diversify the original hemp taste, the manufacturers add natural essential oils to their products, for a sweeter and more pleasant taste.

There are multiple Select testimonials over the Internet, both from users around the world, and some famous people and magazines, like Rolling Stone. Being acknowledged and praised by so many people means a lot for the brand, providing a reputation of a trustworthy CBD producing company.

Best For:

  • General wellness
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Different kinds of pain

Pros and Cons


  • Organic hemp
  • THC-free cannabidiol
  • Third-party lab results published
  • Moderate prices


  • Only USA shipment available
  • Limited dosage

Best Select Products

To get the most useful data about Select CBD products, there’s a short review on each popular item, including its dosage chart and essential characteristics. For more precise info about CBD dosage, there are multiple recommendations. Check it out to find out more about certain product samples.

Select Broad-Spectrum Drops 750 Review

Select Broad Spectrum Drops 750


This CBD oil has 3 options of dosage (375, 750, 1500), and the one with 750 mg of CBD is optimal and is usually selected more often. It comes in different flavors too, including cinnamon, lemon, pomegranate, and vanilla. It also has natural flavor available in every dosage, for admirers of natural weed taste. Every bottle of drops comes in 30ml bottles with a dropper for more comfortable use.


Natural-flavored Drops have only two ingredients: Coconut Oil and CBD Hemp Extract. Other tasteful options also have natural flavors, citric acid, and stevia added. Select oil is a pure herb product, and thanks to no additional components, it has a natural golden color.

How Long Does It Take to Work?

Select CBD 750 drops are usually taken sublingually, one-two drops per day, depending on how long you’ve been using it. As it’s a medium Select dosage, it usually takes up to one hour to kick in, but it also depends on your organism individually.

How Long Does It Last?

If you’re new to CBD drops, the effect may last longer, depending on your health condition and individual characteristics. But generally, it lasts up to 8 hours.


As for effect, CBD drops usually provide a strong and long-lasting effect, in comparison to other CBD products. CBD oil from Select works well for those willing to improve general health conditions, reduce stress level, and balance inner tranquillity. However, those who suffer from headaches or insomnia also notice positive dynamics in relieving these unpleasant symptoms.

Select CBD Capsules 1000 Review

Select CBD Capsules 1000


Select Balance CBD Capsules are produced in one dosage 1000 mg; therefore, each gel capsule contains 33.33 mg of CBD. The Capsules are coming in one size, a jar containing 30 gel caps. Taking one gelcap per day, as recommended, one jar is enough for a whole month.


Aiming to create a pure hemp product, only natural ingredients are used in Select capsules. The ingredients are Coconut Oil, CBD Hemp Extract, Purified Water, Gelatin, Glycerin, Caramel Color.

How Long Does It Take to Work?

Select CBD Capsules are taken orally, one per dose, so it usually takes up to one hour to feel the effect. However, it depends on your organism, and it may take less time.

How Long Does It Last?

As well as CBD oil, Balance Capsules are potent enough to keep the effect working, so you’ll feel it up to 8 hours after taking it.


Select Capsules are aimed to balance your general wellness and help you get rid of such stress consequences as insomnia, anxiety, and depression. When taken on a regular basis, the capsules users notice that they feel more relaxed and less worried about stressful situations. It also aims to reduce chronic headaches, so it’s often used as a substitute for tons of pills and potions.

Select Calming Lavender Muscle Balm 400 Review

Select Calming Lavender Muscle Balm


Select CBD Muscle Balm comes in the form of a stick containing 400 mg of CBD. Such a dosage is very potent for a muscle salve, and it’s very convenient to carry around and use.


CBD Muscle Balm comes in Lavender and Mint scents. As for the ingredients, it contains a lot of natural oils and butter to feel great on your skin and nourish it, along with pain relief. So, the basic ingredients are Shea Butter, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Lavender Oil, CBD Hemp Extract, Peppermint Leaf Oil, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, Camphor, Aloe Leaf Juice, Roman Chamomile Flower Extract, Arnica Montana Flower Extract, and Menthol.

How Long Does It Take to Work?

What’s great about Select Muscle Balm is that the effect is immediate. Once you apply the balm, it starts to penetrate your skin and ease the pain. It usually takes up to 15-20 minutes to feel it.

How Long Does It Last?

As CBD Balm works quickly enough, it also holds the effect for a long time. Its users say that it can keep muscles painless for up to 6 hours.


Select CBD Muscle Balm is great for any muscle injuries, providing soft yet potent effects. With a number of oils and butter in it, the pain calming effect is noticeable from the first use. It’s also convenient to carry with you anywhere and apply it whenever you feel muscle pain. What’s more, try applying a bit of balm on your temporal area whenever you have a headache. CBD herb, along with relaxing lavender oil will help to soothe the ache in no time at all.

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Select Prices

The next parameter that is worth mentioning is Select CBD oil price for the reviewed products. Select cost is published on their official website. So in the following Select prices chart, there are the names of the products reviewed, their prices, and straight links so you can get them right now.

Select Broad-Spectrum Drops 750 $69.99 per 750 mg Get Select CBD Drops Here
Select CBD Capsules 1000 $64.99 per 30 capsules Get Select Capsules Here
Select Calming Lavender Muscle Balm $39.99 per balm stick Get Select Muscle Balm Here


Select CBD company states that they only ship their products within the USA for now. However, some of the states are not included in shipping due to their laws concerning hemp products. The brand hopes to expand the shipping area soon to be able to deliver their items worldwide.

As for the refund policy, it lasts for 30 days since your purchase. Therefore, if you’re not satisfied with Select CBD item, you can return it with no problems. Here are some requirements for returning their products:

  • It should be unused
  • In original package
  • Same condition as received

Also, Select CBD doesn’t accept for refund those items that are sanitary goods, gases, or inflammable liquids.

To return an item, e-mail them first on [email protected], then send the product on the address informed to you. Remember that the shipping cost for returning is on you, and it’s non-refundable. Once Select gets your package and inspects it, you’ll be notified via e-mail if your refund is approved or rejected. If it’s approved, you’ll get a refund on your card within 30 days.


To conclude all the mentioned details about Select CBD Company, it seems clear that it creates high-quality, potent products for affordable prices. Those who may consider Select scam should visit its website and check all the given data, including third-party lab test results. Unlike narcotic pot of unknown origin, Select creates pure hemp products, free of THC and other drug-like cannabinoids, making its CBD products legal in many countries.

Select CBD works not only for those suffering aches or muscle pain but also to provide supportive effects on health in general. Select oil benefits well-being in all forms, helping to balance inner tranquillity, reduce stress, and its repercussions like insomnia or migraines. All in all, if you’re willing to get rid of stress and bring more relaxation in your life, give Select CBD a shot. Consult your therapist before using it.

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⭐️Is Select CBD Legit?

Select CBD producing company uses organic hemp to produce THC-free products. Those cannabidiol items containing less than 0.3% of THC are legal in many countries and all the United States. Therefore, the production of Select appears to be legitimate since it uses CBD that is allowed. To make sure their products are qualitative, check the Test Results section on the website.

⭐️Is Select CBD FDA Approved?

The company doesn’t provide information about the Food and Drug Administration’s approval. However, it provides test results from third-party labs on every batch of its production, and other certificates proving the quality of the CBD products. To check out all the information concerning lab tests of Select items, go to the Test Results section on the website.

⭐️Will Select CBD Show On A Drug Test?

Drug tests only show if you consume THC products, while Select CBD Company only produces pure CBD items with 0% THC. Unless you smoke marijuana, the drug test results can’t show Select CBD. Some other brands may contain up to 0.3% of THC in their oil. But the brand uses a multi-stage extraction and purification process to make sure its oil contains 0% THC, as well as other psychoactive cannabinoids.

⭐️How Does Select CBD Oil Make You Feel?

If you’re worried that Select CBD oil will make you high, then you shouldn’t, because it won’t. CBD products that are THC-free aren’t psychoactive, so they can’t affect your psychic condition or give the drugged feeling. Select CBD oil will only provide pain relief and a relaxed state. Cannabidiol isn’t addictive and can stop using it whenever you want, so it’s nothing like marijuana as a drug. As for interaction with other medicine, you should consult your doctor first.

⭐️Where To Buy Select Product?

Select CBD products are available to buy on its official website. There’s all the necessary information published there, including all the Select items available, the current prices and shipment regulations. But you know already, that Select only delivers its products within the USA for now. So, to buy Select CBD products, go to the website, choose the desired items and dosage, confirm the order and wait for delivery of your new natural remedy.

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