Savage CBD Review

April 10, 2020

Since it was made legal in the USA by the 2018 Farm bill, more and more great companies are entering the market and allowing people to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol. Especially since cannabidiol, as research suggests, helps with pain, inflammation, and stress. One such business is Savage CBD. This review is going to talk about it in detail so that you could get a better understanding of what this brand is like and whether it is suitable for you.

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Short Brand Review

Savage CBD is a well-known American hemp oil company. It has been in operation for a while and managed to gain a lot of loyal customers and their trust.

Savage is a brand with a mission and a vision; it works hard towards achieving their main goal – making cannabidiol products accessible to everyone and popularizing the medical benefits of cannabis among American people. It does so effectively and manages to keep control over what is important: the quality of the product they offer.

Savage CBD is particularly famous for its exceptional quality when it comes to cannabis oil and associated products. Savage employs the latest technology to ensure everything it sells is safe and high-grade. Moreover, Savage CBD also works on continuously expanding its product range to give customers a choice when it comes to selecting the go-to products. Everyone can find something special for themselves!

About Savage CBD

As has been stated above, the American cannabidiol market is rapidly expanding, with more and more new companies entering the niche. However, not all of cannabidiol oil manufacturers are the same. Because of the increased competition in the market, it is absolutely essential for the business to come up with a unique selling point and therefore differentiate themselves from the rest of the businesses operating in the market.

However, before this review goes any further into discussing the peculiarities of Savage CBD oil and other products that the brand offers, it is important to settle down the origins of Savage as well as delineate its mission. So, what is Savage CBD?

To begin this Savage CBD Oil review, it will be fair to state that as a company, Savage CBD has been around for a while. Founded back in 2015 by an enthusiastic entrepreneur Chris Wheeler, who is also an owner of the “Savage E-Liquids” trademark that specializes in the distribution of high-quality vape liquids all around southern California, Savage CBD has quickly expanded to its current position in the market.

Savage CBD turns the process of consuming full-spectrum cannabis products into a fun and exciting journey instead of having their products being treated as a chore. Due to the fact that Savage has been around for over five years now and is also known to have had previous experience in the adjacent industry of vape products, the brand is now capable of surprising customers with a wide variety of different hemp oil-based items.

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Indeed, the product range of Savage CBD is not limited by hemp oil exclusively. Instead, Savage offers a broad selection of different forms of THC-free cannabis extract products. For instance, many Savage CBD reviews rave about the fact that the brand provides options for both novices and experienced cannabis users. The line of products offered by Savage includes hemp gummies, balm, salve, lotion, and many other things.

In addition to that, there is also a pet line for those cannabis users who want to exploit the medical properties of cannabidiol to help their animals. You can treat your furry friends to some -hemp spray or full-spectrum CBD capsules.

The best thing about Savage is that they have a lot of different flavor options available for the products they sell. So, if you are looking for items with cannabinoids that are not only good for your health but are also tasty and pleasant to consume, you can always rely on Savage CBD to deliver them to you. An example of the most popular flavors is exotic Fiji Melons and Kiwi Dragon Berry.

On top of that, as it has already been mentioned in this review of Savage CBD, it is a great choice for both newbies and those who have been using cannabidiol for a while. The reason for this is that cannabis products offered by the brand come in a number of different potencies, so you can adjust the dosage that you take according to the dosage chart.

Regardless of the potency of the oil, you decide to purchase, however, this review of Savage CBD can reassure you that you will receive a high-quality hemp oil-based product. Savage CBD vouches for the purity and high quality of its products and keeps a close eye on the freshness of the raw materials they use. Furthermore, they also send samples of their cannabidiol oil to independent third-party labs for it to get tested. The results of this testing are available for the general public, so if you want to inspect them yourself, you are free to do so on the brand’s website.

Savage CBD Products Are Best For

Please consult your doctor first.

  • Alleviated Mood
  • Pain Relief
  • Managing Sleeping Patterns

Pros and Cons of Savage CBD

Pros of Savage CBD:

  • A wide variety of different flavors
  • A wide range of products for both humans and animals available for purchase
  • High quality of the products
  • CO2 method of cannabidiol extraction
  • Lab-tested
  • Affordable

Cons of Savage CBD:

  • A strict no-return policy
  • Only available in the USA

Best Savage CBD Products

According to numerous Savage CBD testimonials, the brand’s bestselling products that make the company stand out among its competitors and attract more and more new customers are its cannabidiol oils for vaping. Granted that Savage CBD branched out from a business that, as mentioned in this review, focuses on providing the best e-liquids on the market, it is not surprising that Savage CBD vaping oil is so popular.

They come in six different options, each of which has a different flavor:

  • Driven;
  • Hustle;
  • Passion;
  • Serene;
  • Tranquil;
  • Vape Shot.

All the options apart from Vape Shot are available in 3 different potencies, so you can choose the one that would cater to your needs and be the best fit for you.

Below are the three most sought after Savage CBD products, each of which is of different potency: starting from the mild 250 mg per bottle to the most powerful 1000 mg per pack.

Passion By Savage CBD

Passion By Savage CBD


250 mg per 30 ml bottle


Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerine, Cannabidiol Isolate, Natural and Artificial flavor concentrate.

How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work?

Because of the fact that this cannabis oil is designed for inhaling, it is going to take almost no time to start working. This 250 review can reassure you that you will feel the first effects almost immediately.

How Long Does CBD Last?

Once you have inhaled this cannabidiol oil in the form of vape juice, you will be feeling the effects for up to 2 hours. After that, you can top up if you want to prolong the effects.


250 mg Passion by Savage CBD works great for those looking to improve their overall wellbeing and increase their relaxation levels. The effects of consuming this product accumulate, so after about a week or so of using it, you will notice immense improvements in your sleeping patterns and overall stress reduction.

Hustle – CBD Vape Juice

Hustle CBD Vape Juice


500 mg


Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerine, Cannabidiol  Isolate, Natural and Artificial flavor concentrate.

How Long Does It Take for Cannabidiol Oil to Work?

Once you take this full-spectrum cannabis oil, it should work immediately, and you will feel the effects after the first couple of puffs.

How Long Does CabbanidiolLast?

Almost every Hustle 500 review talks about the lasting effects of this product. Unlike a less potent option of this hemp oil, its duration is longer, so you can enjoy it for up to 3 hours.


One of the best things about this berry-flavored full-spectrum cannabis oil liquid is that it helps with pain and does that immediately. It is great for dealing with headaches as it will provide you with an instant remedy for it. In addition to that, it affects your mood and makes you more cheerful and relaxed.

Lemon Lime Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

Lemon Lime Full Spectrum CBD Tincture


1000 mg


MCT Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Full Spectrum Cannabidiol, Essential Oils, And Terpenes.

How Long Does It Take for Cannabidiol Oil to Work?

This cannabis oil product is consumed sublingually or orally, so you can put it in your drink or use it with your food. It is important that you do not vaporize this tincture. Almost every Lemon Lime Full Spectrum CBD Tincture 1000 review talks about it taking slightly longer to kick in. You will first start feeling the effects after a couple of hours.

How Long Does Cannabidiol Last?

Since you consume this product orally, the effects of cannabidiol last much longer. You can be experiencing the relaxation from this product for 12-24 hours before it wears off.


Lemon Lime Full Spectrum CBD Tincture is fairly potent, so it works well for those users who are struggling with pain and are looking for a pain reliever. It fights against inflammations as it has an anti-inflammatory effect, too!

Savage CBD Prices

Savage CBD cost will pleasantly surprise those гыув to other companies overcharging for high-quality hemp oil. Moreover, the company also provides military veterans with a lifetime discount to enjoy the medical benefits of CBD oil Savage CBD.

Passion By Savage CBD $28.99 – $49.99 Buy now
Hustle – CBD Vape Juice $28.99 – $49.99 Buy now
Lemon Lime Full Spectrum CBD Tincture $69.99-$109.99 Buy now

Shipping & Refunds

As mentioned previously in this review, Savage only ships within the United States and has a fairly strict return policy. In addition to that, this review is obliged to remind you that it is illegal to sell cannabis products to underage customers, so you will not be able to purchase Savage CBD oil without verifying that you are 21 years of age or older.

If you go on the Savage CBD website, you can get familiar with all the rules applicable to your purchase, but this review needs to outline the main points:

  • Shipping is free for all orders within the USA
  • Shipment is tracked
  • Only damaged orders are eligible for a refund
  • Any open product cannot be returned


This review can conclude that Savage is a great full-spectrum cannabidiol products manufacturer for those customers who value both high quality and immaculate flavor of cannabidiol oil. Savage CBD lab results are available for the public, so you can be sure that Savage CBD ingredients are natural and non-GMO. In addition to that, Savage CBD oil price is very affordable, so you will be able to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without having to break the bank.


⭐️Is Savage CBD Legit?

As stated in this review, by no means does Savage CBD scam. On the contrary, it is a highly trusted manufacturer that leaves its customers satisfied and, therefore, loyal to Savage CBD.

⭐️Is Savage CBD FDA Approved?

This review can reassure you that the product is, indeed, FDA approved. You may see all the supporting information on the website.

⭐️Will Savage CBD Show On A Drug Test?

Since Savage CBD products are all full-spectrum cannabidiol, you should not be worried about it affecting your weed drug-test results. It does not contain THC, the main psychoactive compound found in pot, that comes up on the drug test, hence cannot be detected.

⭐️How Does Savage CBD Product Make You Feel?

This review mentioned that most testimonials and feedback on the web are positive. Lots of Savage CBD users are happy with the brand’s products since those really work! Savage CBD works great for anyone trying to overcome pain, combat anxiety, or just improve their sleep and alleviate the mood.

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