Plain Jane CBD Review

April 10, 2020

For the longest time, cannabis was associated with weed and the pot culture built around it. Cannabis used to be perceived as a drug that, despite having some benefits, was still not a socially acceptable substance to use. Fair to say, even now, when the world has started legalizing marijuana for medical use, the stigma against weed remains very much present.

However, it is gradually starting to thawing, especially as other forms of cannabis are getting more and more popular. Before 2018, in the minds of people who are essentially far from the cannabis scene, all types of cannabinoids were treated equally — with suspicion. However, when the 2018 Farm Bill was passed in the USA, the legal status of cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant, changed. After all, there is plenty of research to prove that cannabidiol can have a significant positive effect on anxiety and stress levels, facilitate better sleeping patterns, aid weight loss, and ever act as pain relief.

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Hence, ever since the federal legalization of hemp products, more and more businesses have been taking advantage of it, selling those to everyone interested in contributing to their overall wellness with the help of the herb.

This review has already discussed the reasons for which the cannabidiol market in America is growing. As has been stated previously in the review, due to the realized benefits of cannabis and its sub-products both for general wellness and for solving health problems, as well as its legal status nationwide, the demand for it has been rising day by day. Therefore, it is not surprising that so many new enterprises are trying to establish themselves in the industry.

The market is really thriving at the moment, with so many innovative brands entering it. However, with the increased rate of market penetration by new businesses, it can be rather difficult for cannabis novices that do not have plenty of experience and are not particularly sure about what they should be looking for when searching for trustworthy brands, it can be rather complicated to find a company worthy of their attention.

One such company that has successfully established itself on the market and has taken a specific niche is Plain Jane. This brand is quite different from the hundreds and hundreds of other companies operating in the industry, which allowed Plain Jane CBD to gain a number of loyal customers that prefer the Plain Jane CBD products to any other full-spectrum hemp goods available on the market. However, before this review goes any further into discovering and discussing all the factors that make Plain Jane stand out among its competitors, it is essential to settle down the initial question: What is Plain Jane CBD?

Short Brand Review

To put it simply, Plain Jane CBD is an American company that specializes in the production of high-quality hemp products. An interesting thing about this company is that, unlike a lot of other brands that offer cannabidiol in a wide range of different forms in an attempt to popularize cannabis use among a greater number of people, Plain Jane CBD is a more niche company. Instead of branching out into other spheres and producing every possible kind of product such as spray, gummies, capsules, salves, and balm, it focuses on a slightly different direction.

Originally, this company was started to make hemp flower products more accessible and affordable. Therefore, even now, after a few years of the national operation, the main product offered by Plain Jane CBD is hemp flowers, buds, and other alternative forms of hemp strains. Therefore, this review finds it necessary to state that Plain Jane is not exactly the brand that would be suitable for those interested in purchasing cannabidiol in more unconventional forms and trying to incorporate it into their diet.

What Is Plain Jane CBD?

If you are looking for the highest grade hemp flower products that do not contain any THC, Plain Jane CBD is the brand for you! It offers a wide range of different products intended for smoking, with one of the most innovative items being its hemp cigarettes.

Thanks to the unique technology employed by Plain Jane CBD, the hemp cigarettes manufactured by the business are easy to use in public. In the making of these full-spectrum cannabidiol joints, Plain Jane CBD uses a water curing process, which enables them to remove the traditional cannabis smells from the finished product, and then the flavor comes from the cigarette paper. This aligns well with the brand’s mission: according to the statement published on the Plain Jane CBD website, they feel compelled to manufacturing the smoothest, cleanest, most odorless cannabis products on the market with zero THC.

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In addition to that, this review of Plain Jane CBD wants to point out that the products offered by Plain Jane CBD are affordable, too!

However, this does not come at the expense of quality. As mentioned previously in this review, Plain Jane CBD provides the best quality products to all its customers. The brand focuses on keeping its products safe for consumption. This is why they source all their hemp pesticide-free domestically. For instance, Plain Jane CBD works with more than 15 farms, mostly located near them in Southern Oregon. On top of that, the brand also has its own small hemp farm to provide high-quality greenhouse flowers with unique hemp genetics. This is why Plain Jane CBD can boast offering unique hemp flowers that are not available for purchase from any other company in the USA.

Besides, to ensure the highest quality of the final product, Plain Jane CBD also works with several independent labs. They send samples of their Plain Jane CBD oil to the lab to get it tested and make sure it does not contain any pesticides and solvents. The only problem is that Plain Jane CBD lab results are currently only available for cannabidiol isolate and cannabis oil. Plain Jane CBD is yet to test its hemp flower and pre-rolled hemp cannabis joints for heavy metals and other additives.

Plain Jane CBD Products Are Best For

Please, take into consideration the fact that this review advises you to consult your doctor before you use cannabidiol.

  • People who are trying to quit smoking
  • Relaxation and better sleep
  • Pain relief

Pros and Cons of Plain Jane CBD

Pros Of Plain Jane CBD:

  • The best brand for those interested in cannabidiol strains
  • Cannabidiol flowers come in different forms
  • CBD oil Plain Jane CBD is lab-tested, and the results are available online
  • Plain Jane  hemp is sourced domestically
  • High-quality cannabidiol products
  • All ingredients are organic and non-GMO

Cons Of Plain Jane CBD:

  • Not all products are lab-tested
  • The product range is limited

Best Plain Jane CBD Products

Eighth Pack CBD Pre-rolled Joints

Eighth Pack CBD Pre-rolled Joints


7 half gram all flower joints


Cannabidiol: 10-18%

THC: <.3% Delta-9

How Long Does It Take For Cannabidiol Oil to Work?

As you inhale the product, it will kick in almost immediately.

How Long Does Cannabidiol Last?

The duration of this hemp product is relatively short and lasts for about a couple of hours.


One of the most evident effects that you can expect from consuming this product is instant relaxation and increased calmness. In addition to that, in the long-run consumption of this Plain Jane hemp product will help you to reduce your anxiety and stress levels and overcome insomnia.

1 Gram Premium CBD Kief

1 Gram Premium CBD Kief


1 gram


Kief consists of broken off trichomes filtered through a mesh screen.

How Long Does It Take For Cannabidiol Oil To Work?

You will be feeling the first effects almost immediately after consuming cannabidiol.

How Long Does Cannabidiol Last?

Normally, if not combined with anything else, the effects of this hemp product last from 6 to 12 hours.


This product aids relaxation and pain relief. The reason for this is the fact that Cannabidiol binds with the CB1 receptors in your brain and blocks out the brain. Moreover, if you use it consistently, you will notice that your mood is more stable, and overall you will be feeling more positive.

CBD Isolate Oil

Plain Jane CBD Oil


Each bottle contains 1000 mg of an active substance.


CBD extract and MCT oil derived from coconut oil.

How Long Does It Take For Cannabidiol Oil To Work?

After you have taken the product, you should wait up to 30 minutes for it to kick in so that you could feel the effects.

How Long Does Cannabidiol Last?

Usually, the effects of consuming this Plain Jane CBD product last up to 24 hours.


One of the most potent products in the range, this product helps you to fight against chronic pains and combats inflammations as it has an anti-inflammatory effect. Depending on the Plain Jane CBD dosage, you can alter the effects of the product.

Plain Jane CBD Prices

As has been mentioned previously in this review, Plain Jane CBD is striving to provide the highest quality products at the most affordable price. This tendency can be seen in the Plain Jane CBD cost for its bestselling and most popular products listed earlier in this review.

Eighth Pack CBD Pre-rolled Joints $14.99 Buy now
1 Gram Premium CBD Kief $12.99 Buy now
CBD Isolate Oil $30.99 – $35.99 Buy now

Shipping & Refunds

Another important aspect to cover in this review of Plain Jane CBD is the shipping and refund policies. This is vital since you can mostly obtain the products off the website as opposed to purchasing it from a physical store. Therefore, you would want to know how exactly you can get your hands on the products and how delivery on Plain Jane CBD works.

It is great news that Plain Jane CBD ships all over the US and have an option for delivery to your door. You will not have to leave the comfort of your house as it will be sent directly to you.

As for refunds, these hemp products can be sent back within 30 days if you changed your mind and decided not to use them.


To sum this review up, it can be said that Plain Jane CBD is a brand that will be amazing for those cannabis users that are interested in pure cannabidiol and are looking for the most natural option available on the market.

If you shop at Plain Jane CBD, you will be able to find a wide selection of pre-rolled full-spectrum hemp cigarettes, flowers, and other similar products. In addition to that, the brand also offers its customers a high-grade cannabis oil. Plain Jane CBD oil price is affordable, so you will not have to break your bank in order to enjoy the benefits of medical herb.

Furthermore, all Plain Jane CBD ingredients are natural, and the products do not contain any harmful additives.

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⭐️Is Plain Jane CBD Legitimate?

As stated in this review, Plain Jane CBD is very much so a real deal. If you are worried that Plain Jane CBD scam, you should not be. This review wants to reassure you that it is a reliable company. This can be further proved by the numerous Plain Jane CBD testimonials available to the public online. Those confirm that this brand is legit and trustworthy.

⭐️Is Plain Jane CBD FDA Approved?

As of now, this review cannot provide you with any information on the FDA status of Plain Jane CBD, as it is yet to be assessed by the FDA.

⭐️Will Plain Jane CBD Show On A Drug Test?

This review discussed the fact that all the products that Plain Jane CBD offers are full-spectrum cannabidiol products. This means that regardless of the positioning in the dosage chart, every single product you can find on Plain Jane CBD will not have any THC in it. The drug tests, on the other hand, are designed to detect the psychoactive compound. So, no, if you use Plain Jane CBD products, those will not affect your drug test results.

⭐️How Does Plain Jane CBD Product Make You Feel?

This Plain Jane CBD CBD Oil review and many other Plain Jane CBD reviews talk about the fact that it makes you feel more calm, relaxed, and overall better.

⭐️Where To Buy Plain Jane CBD Product?

It is possible to purchase Plain Jane CBD products directly from the brand’s website.

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