Why Choose CBD Oil For Weight Loss

October 19, 2020

Best CBD (cannabidiol) oil for weight loss is a range of products designed to prevent nausea and help people fight weight gain as they try to achieve the body type they want. CBD contains appetite suppressants and helps to promote “Browning” of fatty cells and proper metabolism.

CBD weight loss reviews by reviewers have shown that cannabidiols counter delta Tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC, is found in cannabis. THC leads to hunger pangs that cause weight gain, but with CBD, a user loses excessive fat and maintains the desired weight.

While CBD oil has some of the best strains for weight loss, the latter occurs at a different pace for different people, depending on their body types. For some individuals, it acts as a supplement to the weight loss regime they are on, while for others, a little cannabidiol a day is all they need.

Cannabis leaf extracted from hemp oil

The “Wavy” way CBD works made a lot of people disheartened. It made them wonder what CBD oil to use for weight loss. The answer came in a wide range of products that active reviewers support after using the products first hand.

CBD oil for weight loss reviews is created with some of these products in mind. We aim to highlight the features of each CBD oil brand without bias and favoritism and let you decide in the end, the one that best suits your needs.

The last decade saw people embrace the use of hemp-based products as an alternative form of treatment, distinct from conventional medicine. The more people use the products, the more positive hemp-oil weight loss testimonials there are.

The testimonials, however, have not stopped people from asking about the best rated CBD oil for weight loss available to purchase. Thus, in the next few subheadings, we will list a few weed-based brands and highlight what makes one distinct from the other.


While we will leave the determination of the quality and effectiveness of this weight loss product to the users. We know from reviewers that Sabaidee CBD oil is a full-spectrum CBD oil for weight loss.

The company that makes the product has a vision of making a difference in the hemp-industry, where a lot of manufacturers use synthetic hemp rather than original weed. Sabaidee grows the cannabis it uses, and it is grown organically.

Sabaidee CBD Oil

Short Brand Review

The Sabaidee brand carries out in-house tests on the products that it manufactures. The testing is to ensure that the products are pure and free from THC components. The presence of the latter would defeat Sabaidee’s bid to become one of the best CBD oil for weight loss in the market. The product is also submitted to a third-party lab for testing before it gets released into the market.

The oil also has omega fatty acids, vitamins, and terpenes, as part of its mineral components. It is nicely flavored with a peppermint flavoring that enables the oil to go down smoothly and leaves the user with a fresh breath. There is also the non-flavored type for those who do not favor peppermint.

The product comes in a bottle form with a dropper, and it has a potency of 250mg to 250 mg. The oil offers 33.5mg of CBD per dropper. Therefore, users can easily measure out the volume they want to consume to get the optimum weight loss result they desire.


  • It is made entirely from Colorado grown hemp
  • It is light in color and has a minty taste
  • It offers free shipping on every order, irrespective of the milligram of the oil
  • It allows a user to determine the right dosage for him or her
  • It does not contain THC


  • It has limited product availability

Price Of Sabaidee

The cost of the CBD oil is flexible and suitable for the quality it offers. It ranges from $48.95 to $119.95. Most cannabis selling websites offer up to 15 percent discount, and you can order CBD oil for weight loss from the Sabaidee CBD website.

Effect Of Sabaidee

Sabaidee CBD oil has three levels of strength. It was created this way to let users determine the right dosage for them. The product has coconut oil as its base, and it gives users additional health benefits.


The Koi CBD brand is one of the top-rated CBD oils for weight loss in the market. The brand has been existing since 2015 and has a strong customer base. The manufacturer of the oil processes it in a cGMP certified facility, and the Koi brand does not use any form of THC in the oil, thereby ensuring that users do not have any kind of intoxicating element in their body.

Koi CBD Oil 

Short Brand Review

Koi uses a full-spectrum CBD oil blend in its product, and it is entirely cannabidiol. It is flavorful, with orange flavor as its predominant taste. The oil contains 13 terpenes along with several beneficial cannabidiols like CBD, CBG, and CBDV.

Koi do not contain any artificial element, and it should never be used for vaping, but sublingual purposes. It can be added to food and drinks, and it comes in a 500 mg glass bottle with a dropper. A full dropper can be used about three times daily, and hold the oil under your tongue for about 20 seconds before swallowing it.


  • It has no trace of THC
  • It is hexane and solvent-free
  • It is free from all kinds of pesticides as its organically grown
  • It is GMO-free
  • It has a unique orange flavor
  • It offers a discount to subscribers


  • Little information on CBD trend on website
  • Ineffective customer support center

Price Of Koi

The product is available on the Koi CBD website, and it has a fixed amount of $39.99 at the time of this review. Subscribers to the website newsletter get a 10% discount when they make a purchase.

Effect Of Koi

The Koi full-spectrum CBD oil for weight loss is quite useful. Reviewers believe that it’s one of the most potent weight loss products in the market. Beyond that, the product also helps those suffering from ailments like depression and insomnia. It contains coconut oil that allows it to kick in quickly for maximum effect.


The Populum brand got its name from the Latin word, which translates to people. The company has been existing since 2016 with the vision of reducing the stigma the people who use hemp-based products suffer.

populum cbd oil

Short Brand Review

One of the products the brand offers is the Populum CBD oil, which is easily one of the top 10 CBD oils for weight loss. The manufacturers of the product recommend that users take one milliliter of the oil per day to get the desired result.

It can be taken in the morning or at night, with or without food. The standard dosage is listed on the instruction written on the bottle, and users are to follow it explicitly.

The product is a full-spectrum CBO oil. It has a blended mixture of essential oils like grapeseed, orange, and virgin coconut oil. Orange is also used as the primary flavor.

Populum CBD oil contains antioxidants, neuroprotectants, and it is made entirely of natural weight loss products. It is also free from GMOs and gluten and contains stevia extract to give it a sweet taste. It is available in 30-milliliter bottles with a concentration of 250, 500, and 1000 milligrams.


  • It has positive hemp oil weight loss testimonials
  • It uses full-spectrum CBD oil
  • It has a 30-day risk-free trial period
  • The source is from non-GMO Colorado cannabis
  • It offers free shipping
  • Effective customer service support


  • It is only available online for purchase
  • It sells only in the United States
  • It has premium pricing
  • The hemp is not entirely organic
  • It uses natural sweeteners

Price Of Populum

The price plan of Populum makes it affordable for those interested in purchasing it. The price varies per bottle milligram; that is, the higher the milligram, the more a person has to pay. A 250mg bottle cost $59, 500mg cost $99, and 1000mg cost $179.

Populum offers a 25% discount for veterans, bringing the cost of a 250mg bottle to $44.25, 500mg to $74.25, and a 1000mg bottle for $134.25.

Effect Of Populum

Despite being considered one of the top-rated CBD oils for weight loss, Populum is not very potent. The strength of the product is about average, and it is best suited for those who want the general wellness of their body.


CBDPure is top quality and effective product. Reviewers believe that it is one of the best brands of CBD for weight loss in the market. The hemp used in making the oil is made from a farm in Colorado and duly tested by the manufacturers and third-party laboratory.

The manufacturers rely on temperature and pressure to extract the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant safely. The brand does not use solvents, and CO2 extraction is the safest way to obtain some essential plant materials.

CBDPure Hemp Oil

Short Brand Review

CBDPure came as an answer to the question: which CBD oil is best for weight loss? It was created solely from weed, and it has no artificial ingredient that can affect a user’s health or reduce the effectiveness of the product. The oil has a golden yellow color, which is the standard color for any CO2 extract.

Unlike other products in the market, it has an earthy smell. It retains the original hemp smell when it has not been mixed with any liquid. The manufacturers also filter the weight loss product to remove the strong tart taste that cannabis has, to something more tasteful and refined.

The CBDPure oil is available in three different strengths. The first is the 300mg bottle, with about 10mg of CBD per daily dosage. The latter also helps those suffering from insomnia, pain, and anxiety attacks.

The second is the 600mg bottle, with about 20mg of CBD per daily dosage. It is the brand’s second most potent variant and is for those looking to get more from the product. The third is the 1000mg bottle, which contains about 33mg of CBD per daily dosage.

The latter is the brand’s most potent variant. Each CBDPure oil bottle comes with a dropper used in consuming the product.


  • It has one of the best CBD strains for weight loss
  • It has full-spectrum CBD oil
  • It has a golden yellow color, signifying that the brand used the recommended CO2 extraction method
  • It is one of the affordable best rated CBD oil for weight loss
  • It has a 90-day refund policy


  • It has a limited product to select from

Price of CBDPure

The price of this weight loss product varies per bottle milligram. The 300mg bottle is sold at $29.99, 600mg retails at $54.99, while the 1000mg retails at $79.99. There is no discount at the time of this review, and users can order CBD oil for weight loss on the CBDPure website.

Effect of CBDPure

CBDPure goes beyond answering the question: is CBD oil safe for weight loss to being of the best brands of CBD oil for weight loss there is. The product helps its users shed unwanted pounds quickly and also provides relief for customers with other ailments like stress, anxiety, mild headaches, nausea, chronic pain, and inflammation.


Fab CBD has not existed for too long. However, it is easy for enthusiastic reviewers to name when they asked which CBD oil is best for weight loss. The bits of hemp used in the product are homegrown in Colorado, and it is considered a top-quality brand.

Fab CBD Oil

Short Brand Review

CBD oil weight loss review enthusiasts believe that the Fab weight loss product is fully organic, free from pesticide, solvent-free, and usable by vegetarians. It has a full-spectrum CBD extract and does not contain more than the permitted 0.3% THC concentration. Thus, it is considered safe and free from intoxicating effects.

The CBD product comes in three flavor choices designed to meet the preference of users. For those looking for a refreshing and cooling taste, the citrus and mint flavor is available. Those who like something fun and fruity have the option of vanilla or berry.

People who prefer things to stay in the status quo can go for the unflavored natural option. Also, the product was created in different concentrations ranging from 150mg, 300mg, 600mg, 1, 200mg to 2400mg. It comes in bottles, and the daily dosage gets taken using droppers.


  • The extraction of the oil is from pure organic hemp
  • It goes through third-party testing in a lab in Colorado
  • It has three flavor choices for users
  • It is a full-spectrum CBD oil
  • It has a 30-day return policy


  • It only offers free shipping for those in the United States
  • Free shipping is for purchases from $89 and above

Price Of Fab

The price for Fab ranges between $39 and $129. The brand has a 30-day return policy with the return of the buyer’s money to the tune paid. The product is available for order and shipping on the Fab website.

Effect Of Fab

The fact that Fab CBD oil comes in four different potencies makes it highly effective for different body types. While it doesn’t work immediately like magic, it shows results in record time. The ingredients used serve as a boost for the product’s potency and leave users happy and satisfied.


The essence of this review was to shed light on CBD weight loss oil brands and their product. We also aimed to answer where to buy CBD oil for weight loss, and we believe we have. Keep in mind that the oil will only do so much for you, thus add to it a fit and healthy lifestyle. The ball is now in your court, but ensure you consult your physician before purchasing and using any product.

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