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April 12, 2020

Back in 2018, the USA government passed the 2018 Farm Bill, which, seemingly, has changed the CBD market forever. What the bill has essentially done is legalizing CBD on the federal level, which means it is legal to purchase, use, and store CBD products unless otherwise is stated by your particular state laws.

Before this article goes any further, it is essential to settle down a couple of questions first. First of all, in order to have a better understanding of the matter discussed in this article, it is important you know exactly what CBD is.

The reason why a lot of people are still so cautious about cannabis is weed. This herb is known for its psychoactive properties and can get the consumer taking it ‘high’. The component that makes people feel the marijuana high is THC, the psychoactive compound the chemical makeup of the cannabis plant contains. However, it is essential to know there are, in fact, two types of cannabis Sativa plant. While one of them is, indeed, psychoactive due to high levels of THC, and is legally classified as marijuana, there is also a different type of this plant.

Hemp, also known as industrial hemp, is a close relative of marijuana, but with a slight twist. It is extremely low in THC (for it to be classified as hemp, the plant has to contain no more than 0.3% of THC), but high in CBD. CBD or cannabidiol is the second most popular cannabinoid that, in fact, has the same chemical formula as THC, which allows it to share some of the positive properties of THC, but the atoms in the molecule are arranged differently, which strips it off of its psychoactive effects.

At first, the range of CBD products was rather limited, but nowadays, more and more new niches are appearing.

One of the most exciting uses of CBD oil is that for revving up sexual life! Indeed, one of the latest addition to the market of CBD products is CBD intimate lube. Currently, only a couple of brands offer these CBD goods, but the statistics claim customers have been enjoying it a lot, so you can expect to be getting more and more options in the foreseeable future.

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What Is CBD Lube?

The first thing that needs to be discussed in this review before highlighting the benefits and, possibly, drawbacks of using CBD lube, it is important to talk about what CBD lube is in its essence.

To put it simply, CBD lube is exactly what it sounds like. This product is basically an intimate lube infused with CBD oil.

Now, it is also important to talk about the fact CBD lubes that currently exist on the market come in two options. Some of them are full-spectrum, which means they are completely THC-free or contain untraceable amounts of THC, whereas the others are CBD lube with THC. Depending on the type, they will have different effects on the users.

Regardless of the type, however, you need to remember that as you apply CBD lube on the skin, it will take quite a while to ‘kick in’. On the other hand, it will definitely be good for your sexual intercourse as it means you will have to extend your foreplay time. The ‘waiting time’ is different for everybody, but on average, it takes about 20 minutes for CBD lube to start working.

Furthermore, there are also water-based and oil-based lubes. That will determine the rules of using them.

One thing to know, however, is that it is not advisable to use CBD oil not designed as CBD lube for sex. The reason for this is that it could not react well with the sensitive body parts. For instance, if CBD oil is flavored and has some harsh ingredients, it could irritate the nether parts. This is particularly risky for vagina owners since putting CBD oil into your vagina can potentially throw off your pH level.

What Are The Benefits Of Using CBD Lube?

It is only fair to state research on the topic of benefits of CBD lube, in particular, is quite limited (there is plenty of research on the benefits of CBD in general, though!). Therefore, all the benefits laid out below are either circumstantial or anecdotal.

One way or another, the properties of CBD that make CBD lube so popular for those couples who want to get frisky include the following.

CBD lube is often associated with better sex for women in particular because of its anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, it decreases soreness that can occur from intense frictions. Some users even report it can help with vaginitis.

In addition to that, CBD is a vasodilator. This means it helps the body to open up its blood vessels and, subsequently, increase your arousal and sensitivity.

Furthermore, a lot of people report increased relaxation and more intense orgasms, which, to an extent, is interlinked. One of the major problems preventing people from orgasming is stiffness and stress. Therefore, if they let it go, they are more likely to finish.

Nonetheless, even though there are so many benefits of using cannabidiol lube, you should still talk to your doctor first to make sure that you can use CBD.

What To Look For In A CBD Lube?

However, not all CBD lubes are created equal. Some products are significantly better and safer to use. Here are some of the essential things to remember when shopping for a CBD lube:

First of all, you need to make sure all the ingredients used for manufacturing the product are natural and do not contain any harmful additives. However, if you are looking for some additional benefits, you may search for CBD lube with extra vitamins or essential oils.

It is best to opt for water-based CBD lube since oil-based one breaks down latex and cannot be safely used with latex condoms.

Pay close attention to whether the product you purchase is scented/flavored or not. Some of the products available on the market are natural-flavored, while other manufacturers try to differentiate their product line and offer flavored CBD lube. This comes down to personal preference, but you should keep in mind CBD extract can have a peculiar taste.

Which CBD Lube Is the Best?

One way or another, if you do not feel like exploring the CBD lube niche yourself and comparing and contrasting all the options available to you, this article has compiled a list of the best CBD lube worthy of your attention.

Ignite CBD Lube By Kush Queen

Ignite CBD Lube by Kush Queen

Short Brand Review

Kush Queen is on the list of the best CBD lube because of the innovative technologies this brand uses to produce its CBD goods. It is important to state Kush Queen uses the Amplifi™ Nanotechnology CBD for instant results. By applying this technology, they reduce the size of the CBD particle and make it truly water-soluble. This means your skin absorbs it faster and more effectively.

In addition to that, Kush Queen values the safety of its users above anything else. First of all, the brand guarantees all the products you purchase from them are absolutely THC-free as well as free from any parabens, pesticides, and heavy metals. In order to prove it, Kush Queen sends samples of its product to in depended third-party labs to get lab-tested. The results of lab testing are available online to the general public.

Secondly, the hemp used in the production of CBD lube is sourced domestically, which means the company can keep a close eye on the quality of the raw materials they use. In fact, they cooperate with a couple of local hemp farms to get their hemp from.

At last but definitely not at least, Ignite CBD lube by Kush Queen is water-based, which means it is safe to use not only with latex condoms but also with all kinds of sex toys regardless of the material they are made of.

Pros And Cons Of Ignite CBD Lube By Kush Queen

Pros of Ignite cannabidiol Lube by Kush Queen:

  • Water-based
  • High-quality
  • CO2 extraction method
  • Uses nanotechnology to reduce the size of CBD particles for faster absorption
  • THC-free

Cons of Ignite cannabidiol Lube by Kush Queen:

  • Somewhat pricey
  • Only one flavor option


$49.99 per bottle


Thanks to the innovative technology used in the making of Ignite CBD Lube by Kush Queen, it works in a matter of several minutes or even seconds! Straight after you have applied it on the skin, CBD particles from the lube absorb right through the skin and into the bloodstream. After that, you will feel more aroused and relaxed.

CBD Infused Personal Lubricant (Intimate Oil) By Privy Peach

Infused Personal Lubricant by Privy Peach

Short Brand Review

Privy Peach is one of the best manufacturers of CBD lube in the industry because of the high standards and high quality of the products it offers. In the production of its CBD lube, Privy Peach uses only the best quality hemp that is sourced domestically. It also has all the necessary certification, such as lab testing results to prove it meets all the industry standards.

However, it is the unique approach to CBD lube that makes Privy Peach truly stand out among its competitors. Unlike a lot of other brands supplying the customers with CBD lube, Privy Peach focuses on individual use instead of slapping the product into a large bottle.

CBD infused personal lubricant by Privy Peach comes in individual condom-sized sachets, each of which contains the perfect amount of lube to get you going. Moreover, thanks to the formula, Privy Peach CBD oil seems to be working extremely fast.

The only catch with Privy Peach is that the CBD lube is oil-based as it has coconut oil in its composition. Therefore, it is not compatible with latex condoms since it may degrade latex.

Pros And Cons Of CBD Infused Personal Lubricant (Intimate Oil) By Privy Peach:

Pros of Cannabidiol-infused Personal Lubricant (Intimate Oil) by Privy Peach:

  • Convenient packaging
  • Lab-tested
  • High-quality product
  • 100% THC-free

Cons of Cannabidiol-infused Personal Lubricant (Intimate Oil) by Privy Peach:

  • Not compatible with latex


$45.00 per box


This CBD lube will help stimulate your body’s own lubrication, increase circulation, and alleviate any present discomfort.

Awaken Arousal Oil By Foria Wellness

Awaken Arousal Oil By Foria Wellness

Short Brand Review

Foria Wellness is a particularly fancy brand that focuses on delivering premium CBD products to real CBD connoisseurs. However, despite its high status, its products are great value for money.

Like any other respectable premium-grade CBD brand, Foria Wellness puts a lot of effort into ensuring the products they offer meet the industry’s highest standards. Therefore, for the production of its goods, Foria Wellness uses only the best domestically sourced hemp. In addition to that, in the making of CBD lube, the company uses the CO2 cannabidiol extraction method, which is believed to be the safest and most effective way to derive CBD from the cannabis plant and preserve its properties.

In addition to that, it is also purity-tested by the third-party laboratories, and the lab results are available to the public on the website. Foria Wellness takes pride in the fact that its CBD lube is made of all-natural ingredients and contains nothing more than 9 aphrodisiacs in organic coconut MCT oil.

The last point, however, makes it incompatible with latex condoms and toys, so it will not be suitable for those customers who use latex accessories.

If it is not a problem for you, however, you will benefit from Foria Wellness’s two sizes of CBD lube. There are 1 oz and 2 oz options, each of which comes with a different dispenser for your convenience.

Furthermore, the brand image of Foria Wellness is immaculate. It is recommended by such influential media as VICE and Playboy!

Pros And Cons Of Awaken Arousal Oil By Foria Wellness:

Pros of Awaken Arousal Oil by Foria Wellness:

  • Comes in two sizes
  • THC-free
  • Lab-tested
  • CO2 cannabidiol extraction method
  • All-natural ingredients

Cons of Awaken Arousal Oil by Foria Wellness:

  • Oil-based lube


$ 48.00 for 1 oz or $ 78.00 for 2 oz bottle


This lube helps to relax and stimulates arousal. In addition to that, it decreases pain and reduces inflammations.

Happy Clam Everyday Oil By Quim

Happy Clam Everyday Oil By Quim

Short Brand Review

While technically a CBD lube, Happy Clam Everyday Oil by Quim is not like the rest of the products on this list. The reason for this is that this product is intended for use after sex as opposed to before the intercourse.

Sourced from a domestic farm, the best quality hemp is processed by Quim to produce the best CBD oil to, basically, keep your vagina and vulva happy. It is aimed at reducing the after-sex soreness, and puffiness women often experience. It is a perfect product for those women who care about the well-being of their nether parts.

However, it does not mean you cannot use Happy Clam as a lube. After all, its perfect composition is great for getting frisky. One of the key components of this CBD lube after cannabidiol itself is Damiana. This plant is used to help increase sexual arousal and stamina, increase the frequency of orgasms.

All Quim products are natural and do not contain any ingredients that could be deemed harmful. The only thing to remember about Happy Clam is the fact it is oil-based and contains a mixture of different oils such as Apricot Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, MCT Oil, Olive Oil, and Tea Tree Oil, so you cannot use it with latex.

Pros And Cons Of Happy Clam Everyday Oil By Quim:

Pros of Happy Clam Everyday Oil by Quim:

  • High-quality product
  • Lab-tested
  • THC-free
  • Contains a lot of additional natural ingredients to enhance the effects

Cons of Happy Clam Everyday Oil by Quim:

  • Oil-based


$48.00 per bottle


Happy Clam Everyday Oil by Quim is perfect for both soothing your vagina and vulva and taking intensive care of it after sex and using it as a cannabidiol lube for increasing arousal and intensifying orgasms.

Bella Aqua D’Amore By Celebrate Bella

Bella Aqua D'Amore By Celebrate Bella

Short Brand Review

Celebrate Bella is by far the most affordable brand manufacturing CBD lube out of all on this list. However, it does not mean they compensate for their quality at a low price. On the contrary, Celebrate Bella can boast having impressive test results and is known for using high-quality hemp in the making of its products.

One of the best things about Bella Aqua D’Amore by Celebrate Bella is that it is water-based, which means it can be used with all toys and condoms. Moreover, it comes in a couple of sizes. You can either purchase a trial sachet to see if you like the product. Then, if you are satisfied with the lube, you may opt for either the 2 oz or the 6 oz option.

Pros And Cons Of Bella Aqua D’Amore By Celebrate Bella:

Pros of Bella Aqua D’Amore by Celebrate Bella:

  • Water-based lube
  • High-quality product
  • THC-free
  • Affordable price

Cons of Bella Aqua D’Amore by Celebrate Bella:

  • The taste is not for everyone


$11.99 or $22.99 per bottle.


Boosted lubrication and a significant increase in sensations.

Where To Buy The Best CBD Lube?

Now that the CBD market is rapidly expanding, it is becoming much easier to get your hands on cannabidiol products. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase some CBD lube, you might try your luck at the local store focused on distributing cannabis goods.

Nonetheless, CBD lube is still a fairly new product not as popular as other goods. Therefore, it is possible you will not be able to find it at any local shop. However, there is no reason to be upset. In the era of the internet, it is possible to find everything you need online.

Every single one of the brands listed above has its own website where you can purchase their CBD lube and get it delivered to your house without even having to go anywhere to pick it up.

Ignite CBD Lube by Kush Queen $49.99 Buy now
CBD Infused Personal Lubricant (Intimate Oil) by Privy Peach $45.00 Buy now
Awaken Arousal Oil by Foria Wellness $98.00 Buy now
Happy Clam Everyday Oil by Quim $48.00 Buy now
Bella Aqua D’Amore by Celebrate Bella $24.00 Buy now

Final Thoughts On CBD Lube

The bottom line is, sex is always better when there is enough lube. Either it comes naturally from a sufficient amount of foreplay or the participants help a bit with the use of lube, it does not matter! What matters is that CBD lube can be a total game changer! This cannabis product is amazing at alleviating sex-related pain and intensifying orgasm!

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