This Is Why CBD Eye Drops Worth Trying

November 11, 2020

To discuss the best CBD eye drops, we first have to understand the importance of CBD in today’s world. CBD is an extract from the cannabinoid component of marijuana, and unlike THC, it does not contain any psychoactive element that makes one high.

In the last few years, several companies producing hemp-based goods started using CBD to make different products. These products help to provide relief for issues like pain, anxiety, nausea and are used either:

  • By ingesting them as an oil, tincture, capsule, or edible;
  • By placing it on the skin as a patch;
  • By inhaling it through vaping; OR
  • By applying it as a cream or lotion.

The cannabinoid extract produced tremendous results with the above, making brands to go a step further by creating CBD oil eye drops. The hemp-based eye drops have anti-inflammatory effects that help with pain, strain, blurred vision, floaters, and migraine auras. In this review, we’ll take a look at the content of the eye drop and other vital facts.

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What Does It Contain?

When manufacturers conceived the idea of CBD oil and eyesight, they faced a lot of issues as oil ordinarily does not mix well with water. For it to work, it has to go through the tear layer of the cornea, and oil on its own can’t do that.

In a quest to find a solution, companies used light mineral oil and dissolved trace amounts of THC into the oil before applying it to the eye. While it worked to decrease molecular pressure, the THC mineral oil had an irritating side effect.

The solution came in the development of the C-Better Daily CBD Eye Drops by a company known as GL Wellness. The brand used the subcritical CO2 process of extracting pure and full-spectrum CBD. Then it microencapsulated and engineered it at 300 nanometers.

The result is the nano-cannabinoid that mixes well with water, is easily absorbed, and effectively bioavailable. It also means that the drops can penetrate the different layers of the eyes to bring about the desired effect.

The product contains other active ingredients like Eyesight and N-Acetyl-Carnosine, a component that accelerates the healing of several ophthalmic conditions. Chamomile Hydrosol replaced saline for its soothing and hydrating effect. Several companies have since adopted the C-Better daily formula to produce the right CBD eye drops.

How Does It Work?

The drops have shown that they are not for treating hay fever or reducing red eyes only. Before the 21st century, marijuana was recommended by physicians for the treatment of glaucoma in a bid to save the eyesight of their patients.

However, with the growth in science and the introduction of new technology, the cannabis drop now works for:

  • Relieving intraocular pressure that adversely affects one’s vision
  • Treating neuropathic ocular pain
  • Alleviating and treating symptoms of glaucoma
  • Lowering eye blood pressure by 25 to 30%

When it comes to CBD and cataracts, the oil is potentially beneficial for calming the nerves and anxiety of those about to undergo eye surgery. Also, CBD cataract has a potent anti-inflammatory content and works to reduce inflammation brought on by cataracts.

Is It Safe?

Many potential users of cannabis eye drop often ask about the safety of the product to their eyesight. Note that very few brands have mastered the art of making this product, and those who have, produce relatively safe drops.

Cannabis brands do not claim to cure illnesses, but their CBD drops generally do not have adverse effects. However, to ensure the safety of your vision, consult your optometrist before administering any dosage of the product.

Where Is It Sold?

Users can find CBD eye drops for sale on the website of companies that produce hemp-based products. Medical stores in states licensed to sell, buy, and use marijuana for medicinal purposes also carry products from different manufacturers.


The CBD market has become a solution provider, not a problem. The eye drop has shown that it is useful for relieving pain, amid other benefits. Thus, keep an open mind when trying the product for the first time, and follow the dosage provided by your physician.

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